List of active members

PhotoName Year started in SocietyMundane name
Lady Julianna Lady Julianna 2016Megan Ferguson
No player photo found.TBD 2017Annette Golden Lockhart
No player photo found.TBD 2019Rebecca Shipp
Her Excellency Kata AlarsdottirHer Excellency Kata Alarsdottir1992Pam Roark
Lady Ruth AlveyLady Ruth AlveyShannon Miller
The Honorable Lady Jeanne ChandeliereThe Honorable Lady Jeanne Chandeliere1985Debbie Chandler
Lord Martin de BernayLord Martin de Bernay2016Alex Love
No player photo found.Lady Francesca De Falconmonte1990Cynthia Allen Riffe
Lord Ivarr EirikssonLord Ivarr Eiriksson1990Jeff Chandler, Jr
Lady Sigrún Kelda IngríðardóttirLady Sigrún Kelda Ingríðardóttir2016Jasmine Love
Lord Marcus LepidusLord Marcus Lepidus1992Steven Roark
Lord Williamus LockartLord Williamus Lockart2008Travis Lockhart
Syr Wulfhere MannteufelSyr Wulfhere Mannteufel1977Martin Hickey
Sir Hrothgar of MerciaSir Hrothgar of Mercia1992Sammy Roark
No player photo found.Einar Ragnarson1990Jeff Riffe
Lady Zoya Ivanovna RezanskayaLady Zoya Ivanovna Rezanskaya1993Zee Evelsizer
His Excellency Eirikr vanðræðiHis Excellency Eirikr vanðræði1985Jeff Chandler, Sr
The Honorable Lord Werner von SeitzThe Honorable Lord Werner von Seitz1991Jeffery Sitz

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